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About Pacific Court City Living Accommodation

Pacific Court was developed with the goal of providing city living accommodation that is both convenient and luxurious, offering all the necessary facilities for modern life without sacrificing a sense of home comfort. The result is a number of residences spread across four buildings, all of which are ideally situated for anyone studying at the University of Hull, Hull College or working in Hull, and an environment that is equally suited for work, relaxation and entertainment.

Located in Hull's Old Town, these buildings offer traditional character while also fulfilling all the requirements of our residents. These flats are convenient for students & working professional , with university campuses, restaurants, bars and shopping all either a short walk, cycle or bus journey away. Our location also makes us ideal for anybody working in the centre of Hull. There are no hidden costs to staying at Pacific Court, with your electrical, heating and internet bills all included in the listed price. An on-site reception office means there will always be a familiar face that you can contact in case you need to discuss any issues or request guidance about the surrounding area.

We recognise the importance of a social life during your years spent at university and time off work, so Pacific Court provides a number of communal spaces. These include meeting and study areas, as well as games rooms that will help you enjoy your revision and relaxation equally in the company of friends. Additionally, gym facilities with modern equipment are available for the use of all Pacific Court residents, helping you keep fit, however hectic your university or work schedule might become throughout your time in Hull.

We believe it's important that your accommodation is not only a place to sleep during your free time but somewhere that you should truly enjoy spending your days

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