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Our Facilities

Pacific Court is committed to providing a comfortable home environment for students and professionals to work, socialise and relax. In addition to the wealth of bars and restaurants, as well as academic and historical sites nearby, we are pleased to offer a number of on-site facilities that will make life easier and more rewarding for residents during their stay

  • image Management Office - Pacific Court features a management office where our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions regarding your accommodation, as well as offering advice about the surrounding area and guidance about public transport.
  • image Maintenance Team - All of our accommodation boasts reliable modern utilities, including kitchens, showers, TVs, Internet and much more. In the unlikely event that you discover a fault in your flat, our dedicated maintenance team will apply their expertise to repair or replace the cause of the issue.
  • image Onsite Warden - You deserve to feel safe and secure throughout your time at university & living in the city centre while working. To ensure that you can properly enjoy your time in Hull, a warden will be on duty in your accommodation after the office closes at 5pm. The warden is there to provide support after hours and deal with the running of the accommodation until the managers are back in the office.
  • image Free Internet - The Internet is an essential component in modern life and this is especially true in the case of students. It offers a way of researching, revising, relaxing and means it's easy to chat with your family and friends via Skype or another video messaging service. With this in mind, we're glad to offer Internet access to all of our residents at no extra cost, which means you won't have to miss out on streaming the latest episode of your favourite series.
  • image Free Gym - It can be difficult to maintain a fitness regime while also trying to fulfil your academic and employment obligations, as well as enjoying a social life. This is why we provide gym facilities to all of our residents, giving you a convenient place to use modern equipment and keep fit, whether you have two hours to spare or twenty minutes. We also know that the cost of a gym membership can be too great for many students and young professionals, so using our gym incurs no extra cost.
  • image Cinema Room - While all of our rooms already feature TV sets, there's often no substitute for watching your favourite films or shows on a larger screen with friends. A cinema room means you'll be able to do this in a comfortable space, without needing to leave your accommodation.
  • image Games Room - One of the keys to enjoying a rewarding time at university has always been to work hard and play hard. You'll be able to play in a games room, whether you prefer your games to be electronic or played with dice on a table top.
  • image Meeting/Study Room - Studying and revision can feel lonely at times, whether you're in your room or the university library. With this in mind, we provide a communal room specially designed for studying or conducting meetings with fellow students. This is an ideal area for working on projects together or simply spending some time sharing notes.
  • image TVs in Communal Spaces - In addition to TVs in your room and the larger screen in the cinema room, there are also TVs provided in the communal spaces of all flats. These mean you'll always be able to spend some relaxation time watching your favourite shows, films or sports alongside your flatmates.
  • image Regular Events - You'll likely be spending a great deal of time with your fellow students or staff during your time in Hull but we think it's important to also offer opportunities to get to know your neighbours at Pacific Court. This is why we encourage residents to attend a variety events on site, throughout the year.
  • image Laundry Facilities - Between studying, working and enjoying Hull's landmarks and nightlife, cleaning your laundry can be a time consuming chore. This is why we've made the process as convenient as possible by providing on-site laundry facilities, meaning you won't have to carry a bag full of bedding and towels to the nearest laundrette.

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