Hull - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I Book?

    If you're interested in reserving a room or scheduling a viewing at Pacific Court in Hull, you can reach us via the form on our Contact page, emailing us at or calling +44 (0)1482 323 832. Booking a room at Pacific Court requires an upfront payment of £255. Of this, £140 is a deposit that protects the various appliances in your flat and will be returned to you at the end of your tenancy. Another £100 is an advance payment of your rent, which will be deducted from the final payment of your tenancy. The remaining £15 is a deposit protection fee. Your room reservation will not be confirmed until we receive this £255 payment and it will not be returned to you if you cancel your booking on short notice.

  2. How do I pay rent?

    Payments, including your initial reservation fee and rent payments, can be made using bank transfer, the details of which are listed below. Once you've arrived at Pacific Court, you will be able to continue paying via bank transfer or can choose to pay your rent at our on-site office using card payment.

    UK residents:

    Account Name: Pacific Court Ltd
    Bank Address: Coutts & Co, 440 Strand, London, WC2R 0QS
    Account Number: 06562019
    Sort code: 18-00-02

    If you are an International student:

    Account Name: Pacific Court Ltd
    Bank Address: Coutts & Co, 440 Strand, London, WC2R 0QS
    IBAN No: GB25 COUT 1800 0206 5620 19
    Swift/BIC No: COUTGB22

  3. Are all bills included?

    Yes, the cost of Internet access, heating and electricity are all included in the listed price for each room. University can be a challenging time financially and we're glad to remove any uncertainty from your cost of accommodation.

  4. Where can I do My Laundry?

    Pacific Court offers laundry facilities on site, with both washing machines and tumble dryers available for the use of residents. You will be informed as to the location of these facilities and how to operate them when you arrive.

  5. How do I Report Maintenance?

    In the event of a fault or breakdown in your flat or communal facilities, you can either email the office at or complete the maintenance form at Our dedicated maintenance team will repair or replace the affected appliance as quickly as possible.

  6. What can I do if my neighbours are being too noisy after hours?

    We understand that it's important for students to unwind and enjoy their time at university and encourage our residents to do so. However, we also recognise that the close proximity of our rooms can lead to noise negatively affecting other residents. We ask that residents are considerate of their neighbours, especially between 10pm and 7am from Sunday night to Friday morning. On Friday and Saturday night, these rules are relaxed but we still ask that noise is not unnecessarily excessive. During examination periods, it's especially important to be respectful of the needs of fellow residents. If you feel the noise of other residents is disrupting your ability to work or sleep, please contact your warden.

  7. What do I do if the fire alarm goes off?

    If your fire alarm sounds, please leave your room promptly and move to your designated fire assembly point. You will be notified of your fire assembly point, as well as fire protocol, when you move in. We may conduct scheduled alarm tests and will inform you ahead of time if these are to take place.

  8. Where can I store a bike?

    Bicycles are one of the quickest, healthiest and most environmentally friendly ways of travelling around Hull. There is a bike rack outside the accommodation buildings that provides a safe and convenient place to store your bike while it's not in use

  9. Where can I park my car?

    Hull enjoys excellent public transport with frequent buses passing through a nearby stop and we encourage residents to make use of this. If you do require the use of a car during your stay, there is limited parking at Pacific Court. Due to high demand, we recommend speaking to the office before bringing a vehicle. For visitors, the King William House car park is just a few minutes' walk away and provides secure parking at a small cost.

  10. Who is in charge of the cleaning?

    Cleaning staff work across all our accommodation sites to keep kitchens and other communal areas clean, however we do ask that you treat this service with respect and keep these areas tidy. (Cleaning staff are not tasked with doing your washing up.) Bedrooms are the responsibility of residents, although we do also offer a room cleaning service for a small fee, which can be organised by contacting the office. We also ask that residents take responsibility for rubbish in both bedrooms and communal areas and do not leave bins to pile up for the cleaning staff.

  11. How much extra is it to use the gym, cinema, games room and meeting room?

    We are very pleased to offer the use of the gym, cinema, games room and meeting room at no extra cost. We do, however, ask that these facilities are treated with respect; improper use will be taken seriously and could result in you losing access.

  12. What Shops, Pubs, Bars are in Old Town?

    The nearest supermarket is a Tesco Express, less than ten minutes' walk away. Old Town is located near Hull's shopping centre with many major retailers such as Marks & Spencer and Primark. We are within walking distance of Humber Street Market, a great place to buy goods from local suppliers. Pacific Court has a vast array of pubs, restaurants and bars nearby, ranging from old pubs to cocktail bars and modern vegan restaurants. There are far too many to list here but it might be worth asking a member of our staff or a fellow student for their recommendations.

  13. Where can I find more information about Hull city?

    Your university will likely give a lot of information about Hull during your first term. The Hull Paragon Interchange train and bus station is a ten minute walk away and has an excellent visitor welcome centre that can offer pamphlets and guidance as to where you should start your adventures around the city. Of course, some of the best sources of information will always be your fellow residents and students, so be sure to ask for their advice.

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